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While browsing our current cell phone inventories, you will notice we offer a large selection of Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson which include features of: camera, USB connectivity, 3G Technology, Bluetooth? Technology and EDGE Technology.   Our entire cell phone lines are unlocked GSM SIM Free so just plug in your unlocked SIM Card from your current cell phone service provider and start talking!!

Our prices are based on a minimal cost, which means huge competitive savings.   Use our price lists and compare with other sites and see if our new 3G GSM EDGE SIM Free Camera With Flash Cell Phones offered here are truly completive.   We are strongly committed to providing our customers with top quality merchandise, reliable shipping and world-class service.   Our aim is to become one of the cutting edge Cell Phones Web Site that offer new cell phones as they become available in the US market.   We stand behind each sale of our cell phones with confidence that we have just acquired another satisfied cell phone owner.

All of our cell phones are unlocked, meaning not under contract with any cell phone service provider.   Please check compatibility issues prior to your purchase of our phones (Is my current SIM card enabled or not, in other words, does my current cell phone provider use a unlocked SIM card, if not, there will be compatibility issues).   The purchase of our new unlocked cell phones allows you the option of acquiring a new cell phone not offered or if it is offered, without a new service contract or having to renew an old one.   With our cell phones (if compatible) just keep your old plan; plug in your current unlocked SIM card and GO.

For more background information on cell phone features and terms used on our cell phone description pages, take a look at our Cellular Glossary for more clarity.   We feel an educated consumer will always be our best customer.

We at ShopZeeJays.com will provide reliable, safe online shopping and buying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Our current product inventories offer, (Excuse our emphasis on NEW, but we must make it clear) NEW unlocked Motorola Cell Phones, NEW unlocked Nokia Cell Phones, NEW unlocked Samsung Cell Phones, and NEW unlocked Sony Ericsson at competitive prices.

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